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I'm really unsure how much more badly in faith this warranty company can bargain. I called twice on Saturday that my HVAC had failed and was told twice I would be contacted in two hours by a service company. Never happened. Called again on Sunday, same thing and was told I could have an 11-3 appointment on Monday. 6 hours later Sooner Services called and said they may be able to do that but HMS doesn't hold the schedule so not sure where that came from. They came and said the HVAC was dead. I was contacted by 2 other service companies on Wednesday and was told they were told to get a second opinion. Confusion. I was also contacted by the home office 1-800-327-9787, ext 4133 and was assured the unit would be fixed today. One company came out looked at the unit and said, yepp it's dead. Called the 1-800-432-1033 and they said they would ORDER the part and ship it to the service company. At this point I have been without air for 5 days in the middle of a serious heat advisory in Oklahoma City. I was also told I would need to pay $105 on top of the deductible for a "reclamation fee." I would like someone to honestly tell me what is going on, when the unit will be fixed, and why HMS needs a "second opinion" on it's own contractors." At this point I have had to take 8 hours off work and paid the $75 deductible and have had no results.

Side note I have had to take 8 hours of leave to meet these appointments $260 and was forced to buy a window AC $125 on top of the deductible and the policy itself......

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